Abby Nuttall Ripples

Ever since she was a child Abby has loved two things: books and the seaside. Her love of the written word has culminated in several overflowing bookshelves and a collection of notepads full of story ideas, while her love of water has led to a lot of frozen toes on British beaches. Abby recently completed an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa, during which she was able to combine her love of the water and writing by completing a novel about a mermaid.

Diana inherits a house from her previously unknown grandmother, at a time when she is struggling to find her place in the world. Once at the property, Diana discovers that the lake changes her into a mer. As she struggles to integrate her underwater world into her life, Diana must also come to terms with a difficult decision – whether to remain human or become a full mer. Complicating her decision are changing relationships with friends and family, a new home and job, finding a mermaid hunting boyfriend and her own changing sense of identity.