Alison Roxburgh Unbecoming

Alison Roxburgh is a Scottish writer living in north London. Unbecoming is her first novel. Alison runs every day and swims in open water as often as possible. She also writes short stories.

Three days after Mary is arrested protesting the closure of the local library, her family gather to celebrate her birthday. Hopes, memories and fragile realities clash as her daughter Rose attempts to restore some normality. 
But both women are unhappy with the status -quo. Mary is stifled by her role as wife and mother, while Rose has had freedom to define herself in every way, except motherhood. In alternating narratives, Unbecoming explores entangled and often divisive paradigms of womanhood. 
With themes of truth, lies, loss and liberation, this is a novel about unbecoming mothers and the inescapable power of family.