Edith Salgado A Note for Blue

Of Colombian heritage, Edith Salgado was born in Switzerland, spending her formative years speaking both Spanish and French. She moved to Miami, Florida, as a young teen, where she enjoyed the various ethnic influences that the US had to offer. Her family was also part of a wider Hispanic diaspora, which is reflected in her writing. Returning to Switzerland as an adult, she completed a degree in English Literature, Philosophy and History of Arts expanding her reflective and creative drive. In recent years, she has further developed a growing awareness of environmental issues, which she touches upon in this manuscript.

A temperamental middle-aged musician with synaesthesia struggles with the loss of his wife. Turning to his piano, he develops an obsession, trying to recreate her form in a musical piece. When three generations of Colombian women move into his apartment block, he is forced to relinquish his music. Alba the youngest, takes a liking to Samuel and when her grandmother, Irma, collapses, she turns to him for help. A Note for Blue plays with family secrets, edged by the presence of a critically endangered bird. The journey is led by a passionate woman, struggling to incite positive desire for change.