Hannah O'Donnell Growl



Twitter: @hannaho92

Instagram: @LadetteM

Hannah has always enjoyed fantasy and the YA genre; her favourite authors are Philip Pullman, Meg Cabot and Naomi Novik. She attended St Mary’s University, Twickenham, for her joint honours degree in English and Creative Writing, then went on to create a ghost writing company specialising in social media and short form content. Hannah is currently teaching English and Citizenship in Kent, as well as volunteering as Social Secretary for Folkestone Rugby Club. She loves living by the sea, is unnecessarily enthusiastic about

writing, and talks too fast when she’s nervous.

‘A lovely piece of action writing, by someone who knows the [YA] genre well, taking appropriate liberties with syntax, and has a real grace of language.’ – Fay Weldon.

Growl is a YA urban fantasy. Three girls have been murdered. The evidence says wolf attack, but wolves haven’t been seen in Arkansas for over a hundred years and the locals of Masonville are quick to believe the Garrett sisters are the only two with motives. Maya, the older and more impulsive sister, struggles to protect Ashley, the younger, softer sister, from the growing violence in this story about pack-mentality, family and betrayal.