Irene Large Gospels of The North Bridge

Born and educated in the Roman City of Chester, Irene developed her love of history and ancient artefacts translating the Latin inscriptions on slabs of stone in the Grosvenor Museum. Initially trained as a potter, she taught the visual arts and art history. But, inspired by the gift of a silver ring dated to the sixth century, she began to focus more on her writing. Her first novel, Gospels of the North, draws on both her knowledge of making and her Scottish heritage. Irene now lives in the Vale of Pewsey with many old things and four

adopted chickens.

It is AD680. In Northumbria it has been raining for three months. Kingdoms are at war. Old and new belief systems struggle for supremacy while the southern Roman church fights with the Celtic north over points of dogma. Even nature raises its hand against man in the form of flood, famine and plague. Eadfrith, a young Christian monk – a Pict with mysterious scars on his back – is a piece of life’s flotsam washed up in this world of conflict. But will this liar,

murderer and thief fulfil his ambition to make the most celebrated illuminated gospel of his day?