Jack Fabian The System

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Jack is a writer of urban horror. He grew up in the labyrinth of Thamesmead, London, where he became interested in the horror of urban life. Since escaping, he has become Managing Editor of Door is a Jar Literary Magazine. He has a Master’s in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and now lives in Trowbridge, Wiltshire with his partner and two Axolotls, Ash and Misty.

The System is an urban horror novel set in present-day England. When creatures that people call Shadows appear from nowhere, they spread a virulent disease across the population. Survivors face a dangerous, looted urban wasteland. The country’s allies only agree to help on condition that they partake in an experiment called the System.
Mark Gorstock is a survivor, but his pregnant wife isn’t. Wracked with guilt, he hopes to reconcile his past shortcomings by laying her to rest at the church where they married in London. Aided by two friends – Adam and Chelsea – Mark begins a journey that will bring him to his destination in a way that he never believed possible, when he comes up against the System.