Jason Hill The Storyteller's Tale

Jason Hill received an MA distinction in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. He has also been a support worker, a teacher, and a traveller. He has practised in psychiatry, taught in China and lived in snake-filled jungles. Always in search of the secrets that will tell him who he is, where he is, and what he’s supposed to do about it, he has searched among the particles, histories and philosophies only to discover there is a question for every answer. Now he likes to weave worlds out of words and explore the mysteries of life, but only after a strong black coffee.

The Storyteller’s Tale is a philosophical fiction of original fables about life’s big questions. Does the mysterious old man living in a shack at the side of the road have the answers? He certainly has a gift – to tell each traveller he meets the tale they most need to hear. Through stories of the first man, the priest who could undo time and the samurai who walked the Threefold Path, his listeners discover wisdoms that change them and their worlds. But who is the old man, really? Who will replace him when he’s gone? And what will become of Daniel, the storyteller’s idle companion?