Katharine Richards When The Road Narrows

Katherine Richards was born and raised among the Rocky Mountains and golden foothills of Calgary, Canada. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria in Canada and an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. She previously worked in Marketing and Promotions at Orca Book Publishers in Victoria, Canada. Her first novel, the middle-grade Nova in New York, was published in January 2019.

Salinger’s dad left one Saturday afternoon when Sal was six years old. When her brother died 11 years later, Toronto became too much, and she moved to Vancouver to escape her memories. Now, her husband Henry is preoccupied with medical school and Sal is left to work and raise their three-year-old daughter. Overwhelmed and overworked, a text message on Henry’s phone leaves Salinger reeling, and she runs away again, this time from her crumbling marriage. Driving back to Toronto, Salinger’s road trip becomes a reckoning that forces her to face the insecurities she can no longer outrun.