Kirstie Paul The Lost and Found

Renowned for her fake sneezes, Kirstie’s misspent youth was in the theatre; a passion that she has funded by selling her soul to a bizarre range of project management jobs. This means she’s adept at working with challenging characters in the most bizarre scenarios and herding them into doing her bidding. She’s been in bands, films, emceed at festivals and spends her time steeped in fantasy books, games and laughter.


In this magical realism/fantasy tale Felix and Chip are caught between current day England, and the Elsewhere realm. Felix is angry and hurt, an archaeologist, exhausted by the rollercoaster life that she led with hedonist ex-boyfriend Archie. She moves to a little village to rediscover her balance but finds instead an exotic sand with strange qualities and herself completely overrun by a cast of fantastical characters such as Dei, the Buddhist genie who’s been around for dust particle kalpas; Chip, a strapping American accountant with a dodgy memory, and of course deceased Aunt Ada. Felix has to make a choice. Does she follow the steady and sane path, or succumb to the call of the Elsewhere?