Laura Korhonen The Flowering

Laura is Finnish, grew up in Washington DC and currently lives in Bath. She holds an MA in Publishing from UCL and worked in literary scouting before deciding to focus on her own writing. She has called sixteen houses in seven cities home, which is likely why place and alienation are so predominant in her fiction. Laura graduated with distinction from Bath Spa and is the winner of the 2019 Janklow & Nesbit Bath Spa Prize. The Flowering is her first novel.

In Wheatsheaf, a sleepy town in an unnamed part of the American Midwest, the Miller family is preparing to celebrate Year End in the wake of the Sickness. Manna and Owen Miller have so far managed to keep their son and daughter safe, but not everyone has been so lucky. The town has become increasingly isolated. Nature is dying. Children, especially, are closely watched for signs of infection. To change their fate, the Millers have applied for Relocation, but while they await their papers, much can change. Told in the four voices of the Miller family, the escalation of the crisis unfolds in two parallel strands of past and present that ultimately catch up with one another. The family‚Äôs struggle to survive in a town marked by loss is a test of endurance and commitment in the face of events that cannot be controlled, or even understood.