Lina Katzmarcik I Will Give to You

Lina was born in Germany and grew up in Barcelona. She worked as a producer and scriptwriter until succumbing to her love of language and going back to university. She studied English Literature and Linguistics at the University of Barcelona and moved to Bath to do her MA in Creative Writing after graduation. She works as a freelance photographer and part-time translator. In her free time she writes short stories and is currently working on her second novel, set in Bolivia. She has a dog. His name is Sheldon.

I Will Give to You is a work of literary fiction, centred on one life amongst many in the heart of Barcelona. It explores themes of alienation, language, relationships, personal growth and the spaces where cultures meet and overlap. Eliza struggles with the loneliness and instability of big city life in Barcelona. Her kind but unreliable boyfriend Julian brings home a very sick, rescued puppy and suddenly she doesn’t just have to take care of herself but another, more

precarious life. Only Ali and Ali, two Pakistani shop owners, offer Eliza advice and stability. While Julian withdraws more and more, new questions open up.