Lynne Marie Taylor The Admiral's Fall

Lynne Marie Taylor grew up in North West London but is now firmly settled in Corsham, near Bath. Her career has always been driven by her love of books, from working in publishing, to library supply, to a national charity encouraging children to read more. The Admiral’s Fall, which earned her a Distinction on the MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University, was inspired by her love of crime fiction and her fascination with the history and culture of Malta, where she was born. Currently, Lynne works for the Arts Council for half a week and spends the rest of the time writing about her fictional detective, Sam McQueen.

The Admiral’s Fall is a murder mystery set on the Mediterranean island of Malta in 1880. Detective Inspector Sam McQueen from Edinburgh has been sent to Malta to investigate the death of retired admiral Lord Edward Collingwood. His job is made difficult by the unbearable August heat and the obstructive behaviour of Police Superintendent Captain Zammit. McQueen also finds little to like about the murder victim, reinforcing his distrust of the English elite. An alliance with police physician Dr Viktor Bonnici helps him to unveil the murderer, leading to a confrontation in the ancient catacombs of St Paul.

Previous to this extract, McQueen has found out that Lord Collingwood kept a mistress. He has interviewed her and found her to be both charming and manipulative. Now, a few days later, he has decided to follow up his investigation of her activities.