Martin Day Composing Hallelujah 

Martin Day is the author of twelve novels and audiobooks, mostly original works set in the world of Doctor Who. He has also written comic strips, plays, short stories and articles, and co-authored eight non-fiction books on film and television. As a scriptwriter, he has written for Doctors (BBC One), Family Affairs (Channel 5) and Fair City (RTÉ), and was lead writer on CBBC’s Crisis Control. He is now the Wessex regional chair of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and a member of Bafta. He was awarded a distinction in his BSU Creative Writing MA.

Composing Hallelujah is a literary novel about love and death, sex and God. Adam, a happily married man who is overseeing a television series on angels, has a chance encounter with a stranger, Rachel. She tells him she has breast cancer, and that she only has a few months to live.Over time, Adam and Rachel’s friendship becomes more complex and intimate, until one day Rachel has a proposal for him – a proposal that shakes Adam to the core. She wants a final moment of intimacy before she dies – nothing romantic, nothing complicated. She wants them to have sex.