Moria Johnston Three Trees in a Forest

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Moira Johnston was born and raised in Los Angeles. She reluctantly moved away from her home state to get her undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing from Wellesley College. She will prattle on about her love for Bath, and how – despite the fact her father dropped dead two years ago – she’s just spent the past year in the Creative Writing MA at Bath Spa University completing a memoir about her life with her dad. Moira continues towards her goal of becoming a fully-fledged author, based between Bath and New York.

My father left a mess behind him. In this autobiographical telling of my childhood with my father, I weave back and forth through memories in an attempt to piece together what I never knew of my father’s life. From the time he died of a heart attack in 2016 to the present day, I graduated college and was taken to probate court by my stepmother over the alleged division of the estate. Over the course of one summer, I interred my father’s ashes and lost any and all family and friends who stood by my stepmother’s side.