Naomi Louise Jenkins And The Sea Roared

Twitter: @teatime_naomi

Instagram: @teatimewithnaomi


Naomi comes from South Wales. She grew up speaking Welsh and dreaming of countries beyond her small village. She studied English and Japanese at university and spent her third year in Japan. After graduating she moved back to Japan, where she taught English for three years. Seeing how words can change people stoked her passion for writing, which led to her moving back to the UK to pursue a career as a novelist.

Naomi also dedicates a lot of time to her blog, Teatime with Naomi, which has led to being contacted by many companies such as Japanese travel agencies and the BBC, and to working with online publications, such as Yeoja Magazine. She loves to write anything from topical novels about issues such as mental health, to fantasies with brave heroines.

Briallen is a successful young woman who finds her life turned upside down after a suicide attempt. Having lost everything she ever wanted, she’s forced to return home to live with her mother in the small Welsh village of Glan-Yr-Awel, where everyone knows everything, and gossiping is considered a necessity. With the voice of depression whispering evil suggestions in her ear, Bree tries her best to rebuild her life and get well enough to leave the small village and her critical family, which she feels has once again trapped her.