Nicholas Proud There's a Cat at Number 10

Nicholas Proud was born in Wales, sometime in the last century. He was a drama teacher for 20 years before becoming a full-time author. His MA in Performance Studies was completed in London. In 2018 he attended Bath Spa to complete his Creative Writing MA, for which he received a distinction for his final manuscript. He is secretly amused that he can now put MAMA after his name. He has published three fantasy books, visited six continents, and either directed or performed in fifteen Shakespeare plays. He hopes at some point to complete the set.

There’s a Cat at Number 10 is a fast-paced paranormal thriller set in the world of politics gone mad. The UK electorate has chosen a complete unknown. Who is the new Prime Minister? No-one knows, and it seems no-one cares either. What starts as a political schism, quickly turns to totalitarianism. Jake Daggeur works for the Ministry of Unusual Affairs. He has the gift of foresight allowing him to sense, if not see, the future. He alone must stop the Prime Minister before Britain is ruined. The extract, taken from the middle of the book, is the first time we meet the mysterious new PM.