Priscilla Kint The Stargazing Principle

Priscilla Kint is a 24-year-old Dutch writer with a passion for Young Adult literature. She studied International Studies, after which she completed two MA programmes focused on publishing and creative writing respectively. She interned for Blossom Books, a Dutch publishing house focused on YA, and writes for various websites. Four years ago, she promised herself to write every single day, and she has yet to break that promise. Her great love is Balou, her parents’ dog, who she plans to kidnap the moment she’s found an apartment

where she’s allowed to keep pets.

The Stargazing Principle is a Young Adult contemporary novel with a hint of magical mystery. It centres on Caspar Bosch, a socially anxious 19-year-old studying Theoretical Physics in the Netherlands. Under strange circumstances, he is given a newspaper which reports that a girl from his university has been shot dead. A few days later, he meets this girl, Soraya, who is still very much alive. He quickly realises the article was a prediction. As he tries to use his knowledge of astronomy and physics to figure out how that is possible, he befriends Soraya to try and prevent her death.