Rachel Hyde To Be Close

Rachel Hyde writes literary fiction. She has a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Kent, studying for a year at UCLA where she won the May Merrill Miller award for short fiction. She has travelled widely, living overseas for two years before returning home to complete her MA in Creative Writing (with distinction) at Bath Spa. To Be Close is her first novel.

To Be Close is a literary novel exploring the friendship of two girls, Emily and Lera, who grow up together in modern-day England. After years apart, Lera bursts back into Emily’s life aged 21, bringing with her a sinister secret about their childhood. Emily, who always idolised Lera growing up, begins to re-evaluate everything she thought she knew about Lera, and about herself, opening up old wounds, and pushing the boundaries of their once stable power dynamic. When a tragic event involving Lera occurs on a backpacking trip to Thailand, it

is unclear how to lay blame – is Emily guilty of what has happened?