Roxanne Barbon La Poción de la Fama   

Originally hailing from hot and humid Miami, Roxanne now lives in Bath, where she completed her BA Creative Writing and Publishing degree and has continued pursuing creative writing at Bath Spa University. She has spent much of her time travelling throughout Europe, collecting stories about different cultures and people to fuel her writing. Along the way she has discovered that, no matter how far she goes, Miami and her Cuban heritage still course through her with a vibrancy of colour that pours out into her work, where she laces reality with touches of magic.

Set on the fictional island of Mayuba, La Poción de la Fama follows Lazaro, a local food cart owner on the Babacoa pier. Lazaro accidentally finds himself entangled in a plot for vengeance against the town psychic, Madrina, after a potion she had convinced him would save his turbulent relationship with his wife, Margarita, doesn’t work. Lazaro’s unexpected journey of retribution unearths his rage, aimed not just towards Madrina but also at everyone he suspects has been out to cause him to suffer.