Sally Richards The Other Mrs Farquhar - That Malay Connection

Sally’s early childhood was spent in Egypt, on the edge of the Sahara. Descended from a family who has always left these shores to work abroad, it was almost inevitable that Sally would become a nomad and develop a continuing fascination with other cultures and their histories. She has always written for pleasure, inspired by her experiences of living and working in Europe, Africa and South America as a copywriter, English teacher, Brazilian music promoter and anything else that would pay the rent. Awarded a BA (Hons) in Humanities from London University, she has just completed an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa.

The Other Mrs Farquhar is a semi-biographical historical fiction set in Malacca and Singapore. It begins in the year 1795 and ends in 1823 and explores the relationship between my great-great-grandfather, William Farquhar, co-founder of Singapore, and Antoinette Clemént, the Eurasian woman who was at his side and gave birth to five of their children. Much has been written about William Farquhar but almost nothing is known about Antoinette, who Raffles disparagingly referred to as ‘that Malay connection’. Not anymore. This is Antoinette’s imagined story from her first adolescent attraction to a dashing foreign soldier in Malacca to her decision to remain in Singapore rather than accompany him back to Scotland.