Sarah Deacon Chamberlain Road

Sarah Deacon began her career in theatre. She has directed and assistant-directed at new-writing theatres including the Royal Court and the Gate Theatre, and co-ran her own new-writing fringe company. She was a script-reader for the Royal Court Theatre’s Young Writers Festival for many years. She then took an unusual turn, through probate and into the National Trust. Sarah has always written, including two previous novels (one magic realism and one contemporary fantasy) and two plays. Three of her literary short stories were published in SIC, an anthology by writing group The Knot, and she won the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook Short Story Competition in 2012.

Chamberlain Road is a story about the staying power of words. When Bethany Doyle was twenty she could move objects with her mind, until one night it stopped; the night the house on Chamberlain Road burned down. Twenty years later, it’s back – and she’s frightened.
Beth is already struggling: her husband’s business is failing, she’s facing redundancy and her sick, disliked father can’t live alone much longer. As the past begins to return and her memories of what she did the night of the fire come back, so too does a voice, a voice that once offered an extreme way of taking back control.
This extract comes when Beth has been too frightened of her returned telekinesis to use it, but visitors from her past have begun chipping at her resolve.