Sian Davies A Ghost Online

Siân is a BA Creative Writing graduate from Staffordshire University who travelled to the South West to complete her MA at Bath Spa. She writes speculative fiction, dabbles in sci-fi and is inspired by dirty realism. Her work is often concerned with class, gender, social apathy and the consequences of evolving technology. She has had two short stories published in indie press anthologies: Post Partum (Immanion Press) and 164 from Stoke (Scout Media), both in 2016. A Ghost Online is her first novel.

A Ghost Online is a psychological thriller set in a walled city in the near-future UK. It explores the consequences of commercialised genetic modification and the human cost of rising automation. Marion has been out of work for months. An endless, burning summer is pressing down on the city and her beloved sister, Hannigan, is dead. No explanation, no goodbye. Marion begins to unravel Hannigan’s final months, discovering a life Marion was never a part of and revealing facets of her sister she’d never seen. At the heart of it all: a mysterious grey-eyed girl, and an unforeseen and lurking danger to Marion herself.