Sif Rose Thaysen Isle of the Forgotten

Sif Rose Thaysen grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, influenced by the fairy tale tradition and Scandinavian children’s fantasy. She chose to study English Language and Literature at The University of Copenhagen, in order to take a year abroad and study Creative Writing at The University of Edinburgh. Here she found a second home as well as a trove of inspiration in Scottish castles and landscapes. Sif Rose writes fantasy, sci-fi, and psychological fiction – what connects all of her writing is a gothic touch and a fascination with emotional extremes.

Isle of the Forgotten is the first of a fantasy trilogy entitled The Wooden Witch. It centres on the 14-year-old Jaclyn, who has grown up with a cold and broken family in the empty halls of Blackwood Castle. When her teacher and only friend, Erasmus, goes missing, Jaclyn runs away from home to find him. On her journey, she uncovers dark secrets about her family and realises that they are the ones she needs to save Erasmus from. She has to face a world vastly different from the one she knows, and outside the castle walls she finds a sense of home that she never expected, but learning to feel also comes with great pains.