Sophie Dumont Notes on Hung Road

Instagram: @sophie_dumont  
Twitter: @SophieDumont1

Sophie is a writer and artist from Bath. Before the MA she was the resident writer for Leeds-based immersive theatre company Riptide, and now performs her poetry in venues around the South West. Sophie has been published in The Interpreter’s House, by Bare Fiction and Highly Commended by Poetry School and Nine Arches Press. She was also chosen to become one of two Bristol Boat Poets 2018, where she was given a residency along the Harbourside and had a film made of one of her poems. Her writing is confessional, rich in sensory fusion and balances a narrative and lyric tone.

Sophie let life events during her MA year infiltrate her poetry collection, including the birth of her niece, two break-ups, and a residency along the Avon. The MA also allowed Sophie space to creatively address the death of a partner six years ago. The collection was inspired by Sophie’s obsession with the condition of synaesthesia, and this way of combining the senses enhanced her use of colour and visceral experiences. As the year progressed she found her natural form moved from lyric to prose poem. Her collection contains a strangeness of diction and plenty of personal confessions as a young woman.