Tessa Hewitt Operation Puff Pastry

Tessa Hewitt was born in Great Yarmouth, but please don’t hold that against her. She now lives in Bath where she completed her BA and MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. Clearly, she likes Bath. She has a penchant for black humour, dialogue and Marmite, in no particular order. Fuelled by black coffee and a desire to make readers laugh, she turns everyday occurrences into bizarre and macabre situations. She has also successfully not killed two house plants, yet.

Take Frank, a 36-year-old unhappy IT consultant with a passion for perfect pastry. Add a mysterious box which appears on his doorstep and sprinkle feelings of paranoia about its contents. Discover it contains Daniel’s severed finger. Stir the mixture with a phone call from Clive, a hard-boiled kidnapper and owner of Clive’s Culinary Creations with a ransom of £88,000 for Daniel’s release. Panic. Simmer with a 48 hour deadline. Stew as Clive caters for a wedding. Frank sneaks into Clive’s premises, gets caught and insults the mediocre desserts. Frank cooks to impress Clive and lands his crème de la crème job.​