TL Chappell Go Devil

TL Chappell is a former journalist and news anchor from the US who homeschooled her two daughters and originated a law in Colorado making it easier for people to reclaim their maiden names after divorce. She has travelled extensively, loves a good read and a great walk, covets a well-brewed cup of tea, and is always on the prowl for great vegetarian restaurants. Chappell was awarded her MA with distinction from Bath Spa University. Go Devil is her first novel and is based, in part, on a true story.

Denver, Colorado.
Alone after twenty years of marriage and grieving a future she’d planned perfectly, Liv is off the rails according to her family: sleeping around, directionless and desperate.
In 1909, Liv’s great-great grandmother, Belle, had six kids, a jealous husband who drank too much, and only one way she knew to make money.
A violent unsolved murder, abandoned children, and consequences that reverberate generations later.
Go Devil is historical fiction with strong Up Lit themes including women and agency, motherhood, middle-age, transitioning divorce, and the insights we gain when we unearth our maternal histories.