Tom Carlisle The Things They Buried

In 2017 Tom Carlisle won the Bath Spa Writer’s Award for outstanding writing. He’s interested in the tricks that memory and belief can play on people, and in trying to find an appropriate form for these things. He’s written several novels, each adopting an offbeat literary approach to genre fiction, and each slightly more successful than the last. He also maintains the Independent Literary Fiction Blog (indielitfic), championing the best fiction from independent authors and small presses. His latest book, The Things They Buried, will appeal to fans of Tim O’Brien, Kazuo Ishiguro and Andrei Tarkovsky.

In an unnamed and hopelessly divided nation, separated only into ‘West’ and ‘East’, the army is deployed from the Capital to quell an Eastern uprising. In the aftermath of a chaotic, doomed city assault, Sergeant Mischa Hubanko leads his platoon on an uncanny journey through the woods and back to the home he fled years before. But his home has changed in ways he could not have imagined – and, as Mischa’s demons resurface, he finds himself once again fighting a personal war between madness and sanity, authenticity and safety, with consequences far beyond himself.