Verity Tounsend Sirens

Verity has always been captivated by sea creatures, even when she worked as a film and TV makeup artist. It came as no surprise to anyone when she became an aquarist for a public aquarium – looking after, breeding and generally obsessing about fish. Finally, after years of hanging out with other worldly creatures, she wanted to tell their stories.

Sirens is a YA novel with a darkly supernatural slant that is inspired by all things watery, showbiz razzle-dazzle and the age old problem of being careful what you wish for ...

Social non-entity Evie is sure the stranger who saved her from drowning was a hallucination. But why does she feel so different? Why are people suddenly noticing her and why can she now sing – really sing?

Evie’s life is transforming. She even aces a singing audition to become part of the TV talent show, Launch Pad. Evie revels in her new identity, but something is wrong. There’s a voice in her head she knows isn’t hers and she’s losing control of her body.  Evie has to decide: is she crazy? Or does she need to fight for what little is left of herself. Now.